Why We Exist

LATCH was started in 2017 by Phil Bressler after leaving the ad agency business. While working with a wide variety of clients over his career, he observed two important things:

1. It’s often hard to see the forest through the trees. This is true with all of us as individuals and also as businesses. Industry experience is obviously important, but sometimes a fresh perspective is helpful.

"In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.”                                     J. Paul Getty, American-British Industrialist

2. Millennial marketing professionals see opportunities and ideas that the rest of us may not. LATCH exists to turn these talented people and their ideas loose. They have brains. They have great ideas. They are future leaders. They can solve problems in ways you may not be able to imagine.

Who We Work With

That’s simple. We work with companies who need new ideas. The challenges can be big, small or somewhere in between. We’ve discovered at some point, most business leaders are often too close to their business and have gradually accepted “industry norms.” That’s not a knock. It’s normal and it’s not a bad thing, but it can sometimes squelch new ideas that could help grow business.

Some of the types of companies we work with include:

  • Small Business - Owners and marketing teams who are busy running the business, but don’t have enough time to think about “what’s next?” or “what else should we be doing to grow our business.”

  • In-House Corporate  Marketing Teams - More companies are building in-house marketing teams than ever before for a variety of positive reasons. However, one of the downsides of an in-house team is the 100% focus on only one brand. We believe balancing your industry knowledge with our fresh perspective leads to meaningful ideation and innovation.

  • HR/Culture Departments - Many companies struggle with how to attract and retain Millennial (and GenZ) employees. It’s no one’s fault, but there can simply be a disconnect between the generations. Our team can take a fresh look at your culture and provide ideas on how to maximize the workplace for your younger employees - many of who will be future leaders of your company.