Welcome to LATCHOLOGY - where we turn research, insight and ideation into actionable ideas. We utilize a variety of innovative tools within our LATCHOLOGY process to deliver formal ideas and recommendations to your team. We are flexible and can easily scale our process to fit your specific situation.

What We Do:


Articulate the Problem or Opportunity


We meet with you to clearly identify and articulate the real problem or opportunity. We also use this time to gather all existing information you may have relevant to the problem at hand.




Utilizing contemporary research methodology, we utilize immersion and observation to uncover meaningful consumer insights. We seek out consumer input that is super interesting, weird, and perhaps seemingly wrong at first glance. When we find that, we know we’re onto something potentially meaningful for your brand. If we only seek out what we want to hear, we haven’t uncovered meaningful growth ideas.

We utilize the right combination of the latest research technology and methodology including:

  • Latch Lab Online Community - we start by tapping into our proprietary online community for thread-based, top-of-mind thoughts, reactions and ideas. The Latch Lab discussions are led by a moderator over 2-3 days. Input from The Latch Lab often provides initial fodder for further exploration.

  • Video Interviews - using current technology, we probe topics and gain input through one-on-one video discussions. 

  • Latch Ethno - observing your customers in real life can be very powerful and often leads to more truthful finds than you typically get through more traditional forms of research.

  • Latch+Libations - we host organic, small group happy hour sessions to foster authentic discussions around your brand and your opportunities.

  • Focus Groups - we prefer the methods listed above, but sometimes, focus groups still make sense.

  • Custom Online Surveys - we also utilize online surveys to gain additional input and validation.




We believe true insight is not simply discovered, but obtained through work. The real human truth only comes to light through consumer research, observation and being willing to just get real with how your customers truly connect with your brand. This insight should motivate your brand teams to execute with purpose and passion. Because our team is made up of young adult marketers who are in touch with what's up, let's just say they are very good at discerning what's real and what's B.S. 




Our ideation process is based on best practices learned over the years as marketing and creative professionals. Scientific studies have proven that creativity and ideation does take time and requires a balance of group and individual "think time." At LATCH, we incorporate that thinking into our process:

STEP 1: Present the insight. Get the problem and insight in your head and let the brain do its work.

STEP 2: Group brainstorm activities to quickly explore multiple opportunities.

STEP 3: Deep Work time to THINK individually. Let the brainstorming ideas percolate. Science does show that great ideas really do come in the shower, in that half asleep/half awake phase of waking up, and yes, after a few adult beverages.

STEP 4: Regroup as a team and condense the best ideas.

STEP 5: Ideation collaboration and discussion with our clients. Many ad agencies feel pressure to own their ideas. We believe this is a team sport so we support and encourage client participation throughout our process.

STEP 6: Finalize idea(s) and move to specific action plan development.


Formal Action Plan


After finalizing the ideas with you, we provide a specific action plan for idea execution. These plans allow your existing marketing teams to execute quickly and efficiently. If you don't have an internal team or an external agency, our partner firm, CREATIVEfn, has the resources to manage those services.